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The Japanese rock garden is sometimes identified as a Zen garden; this time of garden is used for the purposes of relaxation, meditation, and contemplation.  The Japanese rock garden has a number of common elements including sand, gravel, bushes; trees, moss covered areas, fountains, and purposefully placed rocks. 

Japanese rock gardens are created as a full scale garden and they can also be purchased or created in miniaturized sizes; one popular type of Japanese rock garden is the tabletop variety.

The Japanese rock garden is an area that is set apart from the rest of a landscape since it is commonly enclosed inside a fence or wall.  The wall helps to create the illusion of separation from the world.  There are books that are available online that consumers can get if they are interested and learning the rules for rock placements inside a Japanese rock garden.  There are different types of rocks used in a garden including flat, arching, vertical, and reclining stones, all of which must be placed in the garden in a specified way. 

Sand is another common element in the Japanese rock garden as the sand represents the element of water.  Some gardens include gravel instead of sand since gravel is less likely to be disrupted by the wind.  Whether sand or gravel is used, the material is raked in order to create the look of moving water, ripples, and natural waves. Sometimes the sand is racked around set stones as a symbol of movement around natural obstacles.

Choosing stones for a Japanese rock garden involves finding stones with an aesthetically pleasing quality.  The goal of creating such a garden is to create an area that is conducive to meditation practices.  Stones that are not attractive and influence the entire design of the garden.  Stones in the Japanese garden are used to create meaningful, symbolic representations hosting meanings that are often left to the interpretation of the person who is using the garden for meditation.  Shrubs, trees, and other greenery like moss are also added to create a unique and beautiful landscape.

Japanese Style

If you are looking to establish your own Japanese rock garden, Japanese Style sells garden décor.  You can find basins, gongs, chimes, bells, benches, bamboo, bonsai trees, bridges, fountains, granite lanterns, granite solar lights, planters, rain chains, solar lanterns, ornaments and statues.  The ornaments and statues you can choose from include things like parasols, bird bath cranes, dragon lanterns, dragon thermometers, Buddha statues, granite stepping stones, and Koi windsocks. The site also offers informative articles on Japanese gardening and traditions.  For more information visit

Wabi Sabi Japanese Gardens

Wabi Sabi Japanese Gardens sells Japanese rock garden supplies and the company is located in Spokane, Washington.  The company offers design and consultation services and the sells rocks, stones, sculpted figurines, bonsai trees, Bamboo products, stone lanterns, sculpted pines, hosta and Japanese maples.  You can view a photo gallery online of available products and designs.  For more information visit

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